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GPT4All Documentation

GPT4All runs large language models (LLMs) privately on everyday desktops & laptops.

No API calls or GPUs required - you can just download the application and get started.

Desktop Application

GPT4All runs LLMs as an application on your computer. Nomic's embedding models can bring information from your local documents and files into your chats. It's fast, on-device, and completely private.

Python SDK

Use GPT4All in Python to program with LLMs implemented with the llama.cpp backend and Nomic's C backend. Nomic contributes to open source software like llama.cpp to make LLMs accessible and efficient for all.

pip install gpt4all
from gpt4all import GPT4All
model = GPT4All("Meta-Llama-3-8B-Instruct.Q4_0.gguf") # downloads / loads a 4.66GB LLM
with model.chat_session():
    print(model.generate("How can I run LLMs efficiently on my laptop?", max_tokens=1024))