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Error Loading Models

It is possible you are trying to load a model from HuggingFace whose weights are not compatible with our backend.

Try downloading one of the officially supported models mentioned our website. If the problem persists, please share your experience on our Discord.

Bad Responses

Try the example chats to double check that your system is implementing models correctly.

Responses Incoherent

If you are seeing something not at all resembling the example chats - for example, if the responses you are seeing look nonsensical - try downloading a different model, and please share your experience on our Discord.

Responses Incorrect

LLMs can be unreliable. It's helpful to know what their training data was - they are less likely to be correct when asking about data they were not trained on unless you give the necessary information in the prompt as context.

Giving LLMs additional context, like chatting using LocalDocs, can help merge the language model's ability to understand text with the files that you trust to contain the information you need.

Including information in a prompt is not a guarantee that it will be used correctly, but the more clear and concise your prompts, and the more relevant your prompts are to your files, the better.

LocalDocs Issues

Occasionally a model - particularly a smaller or overall weaker LLM - may not use the relevant text snippets from the files that were referenced via LocalDocs. If you are seeing this, it can help to use phrases like "in the docs" or "from the provided files" when prompting your model.