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GPT4All is optimized to run LLMs in the 3-13B parameter range on consumer-grade hardware.

LLMs are downloaded to your device so you can run them locally and privately. With our backend anyone can interact with LLMs efficiently and securely on their own hardware.

Download Models

Download Models

1. Click Models in the menu on the left (below Chats and above LocalDocs) Models Page Icon
2. Click + Add Model to navigate to the Explore Models page Add Model button
3. Search for models available online Explore Models search
4. Hit Download to save a model to your device Download Models button
5. Once the model is downloaded you will see it in Models. Download Models button

Explore Models

GPT4All connects you with LLMs from HuggingFace with a llama.cpp backend so that they will run efficiently on your hardware. Many of these models can be identified by the file type .gguf.

Explore models

Example Models

Many LLMs are available at various sizes, quantizations, and licenses.

  • LLMs with more parameters tend to be better at coherently responding to instructions

  • LLMs with a smaller quantization (e.g. 4bit instead of 16bit) are much faster and less memory intensive, and tend to have slightly worse performance

  • Licenses vary in their terms for personal and commercial use

Here are a few examples:

Model Filesize RAM Required Parameters Quantization Developer License MD5 Sum (Unique Hash)
Llama 3 Instruct 4.66 GB 8 GB 8 Billion q4_0 Meta Llama 3 License c87ad09e1e4c8f9c35a5fcef52b6f1c9
Nous Hermes 2 Mistral DPO 4.11 GB 8 GB 7 Billion q4_0 Mistral & Nous Research Apache 2.0 Coa5f6b4eabd3992da4d7fb7f020f921eb
Phi-3 Mini Instruct 2.18 GB 4 GB 4 billion q4_0 Microsoft MIT f8347badde9bfc2efbe89124d78ddaf5
Mini Orca (Small) 1.98 GB 4 GB 3 billion q4_0 Microsoft CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 0e769317b90ac30d6e09486d61fefa26
GPT4All Snoozy 7.37 GB 16 GB 13 billion q4_0 Nomic AI GPL 40388eb2f8d16bb5d08c96fdfaac6b2c

Search Results

You can click the gear icon in the search bar to sort search results by their # of likes, # of downloads, or date of upload (all from HuggingFace).

Sort search results

Connect Model APIs

You can add your API key for remote model providers.

Note: this does not download a model file to your computer to use securely. Instead, this way of interacting with models has your prompts leave your computer to the API provider and returns the response to your computer.

Connect APIs